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Monday, December 28, 2015

Watch Phil Ochs 75th Birthday Berkeley Live-Stream Edited & Archived on YouTube

The Berkeley Celebration of Phil Ochs' 75th Birthday "Vic Sadot Concert Window" Live-Stream is now available for viewing at the SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY YouTube Channel.  

The archived version is 3:51:02, and you can move the playback to what you want to hear. It may take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection. The event was on 12-19-15 in Historic Fellowship Hall of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists in Berkeley, CA. The event was sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee. It was also part of the international movement to increase awareness of Phil Ochs, and to celebrate his music on or near December 19, 2015. The movement was most fortunate to have Shannon Hammock as its spark plug and key organizer on the internet at with associated pages at Facebook. She even organized a tribute CD to Phil with 15 performers.

 Hali Hammer kicks off the event with a welcome 
and introduces fellow event team organizer and MC #1 Vic Sadot.

The Berkeley Celebration of Phil Ochs' 75th Birthday featured 16 performers who answered the call to sing Phil Ochs songs, tributes, and songs inspired by or saluting Phil's politics. Their photos and bios are posted at the Facebook event page at the start of this paragraph. In this edited version Vic Sadot has spent some hours to remove the set-up time between artists. Also text, photos, links, and credits are edited in. Performer List & Order: #1 Tom Sleckman; #2 Yvette O'tannenbaum; #3 Terry Baird; # Hali Hammer, John Koch and Ronnie London; #5 Richard Ochs; #6 Marcie Boyd; #7 Doug Norman and Scott Weaver; Karl Pascal; #9 Jimmy Kelly; #10 Clyde Leland and Richard McNees; #11 H Nicole Anderson; #12 David "Redd" Welsh; #13 Francis Collins; #14 Molly Thomas; #15 Vic Sadot; #16 Michael Rufo. 

At CelebratingPhilOchs dot com you can see the great depth and breadth of the effort around Phil's Dec 19, 2015 birthday. Events were held far and wide in places like Liverpool, Madrid, New York, Columbus, and they are listed at the website. Phil Ochs archives are now housed in The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma where a major event was held on Dec 19 that included the presence of Director Kenneth Bowser and the screening of his documentary film, Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune. Phil's daughter and grandson were there. 

Another older website to check out would be NoMoreSongs dot com, the Phil Ochs tribute and memorabilia site set up by his fans. On Facebook, be sure to look for “Celebrating Phil Ochs” and “1,000,000 Strong for Phil Ochs” pages!

A playlist was set up in the "Social Justice in the Heart of Berkeley" YouTube Channel that collects other single song posts from the concert that have been created by other YouTube channels. 

Neil Young at the 2013 Farm Aid Concert called Phil Ochs "the greatest American poet of the last century". He sang "Changes" and you can watch that video on YouTube at their channel. 

At this time, this is the newest playlist at SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY titled “Berkeley Phil Ochs 75th Birthday Tribute”. The video is set for Creative Commons Copyright to be used with appropriate credits. This is a large file of the highest quality, which made it an hours long upload. We will likely upload a smaller collector's version that might not take so many hours and high speed internet to download it. 

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PHIL OCHS FBI FILE by Vic Sadot was first published in 1982 in Broadside Magazine. Re-published at the Official Vic Sadot Website in 2011.

Berkeley Calling Blog8-07-15: Phil Ochs 1973 Interview Audio to Video Project Gets Promoted at CelebratingPhil Ochs. New Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel post gets promoted by webmaster Shannon Hammock at the new web site to celebrate Phil Ochs’ upcoming 75th birthday on Dec 19, 2015.
Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang (30:10)

Phil Ochs Legacy Lives On In The House of Woody by Vic Sadot 8-10-15 at Broadside Balladeer Blog. “Phil Ochs fans will be happy to know, if they do not know already, that Phil Ochs' legacy will live on in The House of Woody Guthrie in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The placement of Phil Ochs' archives in the Woody Guthrie Center is a wise and wonderful development! Here's a screenshot from the Woody Guthrie Center website.” 

Phil Ochs Highlighted in Smithsonian Folkways Collection by Vic Sadot 7-17-13 at Broadside Balladeer Blog. “I subscribe to “No More Songs”, a wonderful Phil Ochs memorabilia tribute web site that has an email discussion list. The current email from “No More Songs” features an article about the Folkways Collection, which is now housed at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. The Spring/Summer 2013 cover story at Smithsonian Folkways on-line has an article by Ronald D Cohen titled “PeaceSongs of the 1960's”. It gives well-deserved recognition to Phil Ochs. Hit the photo to link to the story!” 

Phil Ochs Lyrics byTrent – Probably the most complete and dedicated Ochs chronicler of all.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Phil Ochs 1973 Audio Interview Becomes 2015 Video Release

Broadside Balladeer Blog - Political Folk Music News: A 1973 audio interview of Phil Ochs was made into a video by Vic Sadot in 2015. 

"Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang" (30:10) Truth Troubadour YouTube Channel. Phil talks about Nixon, Watergate developments, the TV show he was on the day before, and his travels in South America. This old 1973 reel-to-reel tape comes alive as re-created as a 2015 video by Vic Sadot as a tribute to Phil Ochs' upcoming 75th Birthday on Dec. 19, 2015. 
See the new "Celebrating Phil Ochs" Blog by Shannon Hammock! 
Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang Released in 2015

Phil Ochs got his start in New York City as part of the Greenwich Village folk music revival. He was a contemporary of Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Janis Ian, Len Chandler, Odetta, and others following the vibrant tradition of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Phil Ochs and Malvina Reynolds had about 70 songs published in Broadside: The National Topical Song Magazine published by Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. Kudos to SingOut! Magazine, which is now in the process of archiving and making the Broadside song collection available to the public. Likewise, Folkways is being preserved by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. 

 Here are several screen-shots from the short 1973 audio interview made into a 2015 video. See also some links to other blogs about Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot.


PHIL OCHS FBI FILE- 1982 Broadside Magazine news-breaking cover story by Vic Sadot re-published at the Official Vic Sadot Website in 2011. It was also published in the Delaware Alternative Press as a cover story in 1982. The first entry is about Phil Ochs joining the musician’s union. 

BroadsideBalladeer – A tribute song to Phil Ochs written in 1977 by Vic Sadot. This free download version has Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar with Eric Golub on violin. This version was released on “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” which is available on CD Baby.

Phil Ochs with Bob Dylan at "An Evening for Salvador Allende" in 1974. Phil was quite devastated by the brutality of the US CIA Kissinger orchestrated military coup in Santiago, Chile on September 11, 1973. He had traveled and sung with Victor Jara to copper miners, students, and activists. Victor Jara was killed in the stadium when he led the prisoners in songs of the Popular Unity movement for economic justice.

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