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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Vic Sadot joins Progressive Majority Creative Network

 Vic Sadot Artist Profile at Progressive Majority Creative Network

Today, March 18, 2017, Vic Sadot joined the Progressive Majority Creative Network and posted his profile at the new wordpress website. You are invited to check out Vic's new profile and links, and also to browse around to see the other artists getting ready for Sing Out actions. If you are a singer-songwriter looking to get active in the Trump phase of the Post 9/11 era, apply for a profile. Berkeley's Hali Hammer came up with the idea! Vist the Hali Hammer Artist Profile 

The photo selected for the profile is a screenshot from a Labor Project Video YouTube Channel Jail the Bankers post of Vic Sadot singing at an event by United Public Workers for Action. Steve Zeltzer, host of WorkWeek Radio on KPFA, was the key organizer. All shows are archived at WorkWeek Radio SoundCloud. There's a link to a "Truth Troubadour" YouTube playlist of Vic Sadot singing "live" at various SF Bay Area actions. Freeman Sullivan was also doing a live-stream of the October 2016 action.

 Truth Troubadour by Vic Sadot

Vic Sadot released a new 18 Song CD titled "Truth Troubadour" on CD Baby on December 2, 2016.  You can hit individual song buttons or “Preview Them All” to hear the songs. "Truth Troubadour" is the most acoustic and reflective CD that Vic Sadot has released. 17 of 18 of the songs have Vic on vocals and guitar, and some piano accordion. 

Eric Golub contributes his formidable talents on various stringed instruments, such as viola and violin, as well as a regular and a baritone ukulele. Rockin' Rob Sadot is featured on electric guitar on 3 of the songs. The lead-off song, Left My Mind, is the only rock song. Left My Mind has Dean A Banks on keyboards and Rob Rbeast Hunter on drums rocking it out on an old Joe Sadot song with Vic and Rob Sadot.

“Truth Troubadour” is the most acoustic and reflective CD of the four that Vic Sadot has listed at CD Baby: "Comin' Home (1997); "Broadsides & Retrospectives" (2005); "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" (2011).

Some tracks on "Truth Troubadour" already have videos made for them people can watch them on "Vic Sadot" and "Truth Troubadour" YouTube channels. For example, “Full SpectrumDominance”, "Courage To Resist Free Chelsea Manning", and "In the Harbor of Love". "The Fog Watch" was adapted from a poem by Vic's Uncle George Reuter. The song takes you back into a time before we had paved roads, a time when it took farmers an over-night trek to deliver their harvest to the nearest local marketplace. 

Brothers Vic and Rob Sadot enjoy playing two songs written by their departed middle brother Joe Sadot (1978). They are Left My Mind and Lori, which features exquisite viola and ukulele improvisations from Eric Golub.

♫ Truth Troubadour CD by Vic Sadot was also published to CD Baby's YouTube Channel on Dec 11, 2016. This site allows full length play of the cover songs while the CD Baby sales site only allows 30 second listening clips of our 4 licensed cover songs. We were able to set the rest to full length review at the CD Baby sales site. To hear our full versions of "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan, "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon, and "Changes" and "United Fruit" by Phil Ochs visit Truth Troubadour at the CD Baby YouTube Channel playlist for this CD. 18 Songs in all! Love Songs & Broadsides for 2017 and the Post-9/11 Trump Era! 

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