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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Rugged Hills of Landenberg - Birthday Tribute to My Mother

 Eleanor Sadot - The Rugged Hills of Landenberg

Eleanor (Lafferty) Sadot 1983 
(8-29-20 – 9-27-83)

This Broadside Balladeer Blog is dedicated to my mother Eleanor (Lafferty) Sadot for her birthday, August 29.
She grew up on a small farm in Landenberg, Pennsylvania on Mercer Mill Road. She graduated from Kennett Square High School. Then Eleanor Lafferty served in the US Navy in New York City as an office worker during WWII. Eleanor Lafferty married Jean-Henri Sadot. Jean (aka John) was born in Bethune in Picardie. He grew up in the town of Carentan in Normandy, France. Jean-Henri went from joining the French Army Air Corps in Normandy, to joining the French resistance camps in the Pyrenees mountains on the Spanish border about a month after the fall of Paris, to leaving Toulon harbor on a Free French battleship. His ship went to Brooklyn Navy Yard for re-tooling by the American allies. Eleanor met Jean in a Broadway cafe. They wrote love letters during the rest of the war. After the war, Jean and Eleanor had five children together: Victor, Jeanne, Joseph (RIP 1978), Robert and Marie.
 The Rugged Hills of Landenberg

The Rugged Hills of Landenberg
(5:46) Free mp3 song download at SoundCloud by Broadside Balladeer Vic Sadot takes you through the seasons of rural Landenberg, PA from days gone by as the song salutes my mother’s roots and character. Rob Sadot on electric guitar. Recorded by Dean A. Banks for “Songs Of The Seasons”.
Songs of the Seasons - The Rugged Hills of Landenberg

SoundCloud Description: The Rugged Hills of Landenberg
was inspired by a poem by C. Edwin Smith from a 1936 news clipping that Eleanor Lafferty Sadot kept as a bookmark from her childhood days.
(Lyrics below!) She shared the poem with her grown children when she found it still being used as a bookmark after all those years. In the poem Edwin Smith was dying and his last wish was to live long enough to see Landenberg in the autumn one last time. According to the legend as told by Eleanor Sadot he did live to enjoy the autumn and had the pleasure of having his poem applauded in the local rural circles when it was published in a local newspaper and read by the teachers and students like Eleanor Lafferty in the Kennett Square, PA schools.

Vic’s song, which was inspired by Edwin Smith's poem, is a completely different poem. It is a tribute to his mother, Eleanor Lafferty Sadot. Vic's song celebrates the wonder of all four seasons, and each season gets a verse. The song salutes his mother’s roots as a farm girl growing up on Mercer Mill Road and attending a one room school house for 8 grades at the corner of Good Hope and Auburn Roads. The teacher was Mrs. Weaver, who taught that whenever there is a war one should look for the economic reasons.

Eleanor attended the 1990 Landenberg Day events along the White Clay Creek at which Vic first performed the song. Vic was accompanied by Lester Craig Maurer on the fiddle, who created the music and concept of The Frog Jog, and was a founding member of C. P. Swampgrass with Vic and Joe Sadot, who first performed the song at Frog Town Farm south of Newark, DE, which soon became part of the suburban sprawl. The song was lovingly dedicated to Eleanor Lafferty on that 1990 Landenberg Day.

The Rugged Hills of Landenberg was first released on a Limited Edition home burn CD from studio and live recordings. It was titled "Songs of the Seasons". It's a romantic, poetic, and environmentally green and engaged set of songs. This version of The Rugged Hills of Landenberg was recorded by Dean A Banks, who also provided the percussion. Vic Sadot sings and plays acoustic guitar. Rob Sadot graces the song with a sweet country soul style of electric guitar. (Below the lyrics, check out the video for "The Fog Watch" and the SoundCloud for "White Clay Creek"!)

The Rugged Hills of Landenberg

The rugged hills of Landenberg, robed in rolling shades of green
Challenge us to wander thru the woodland summer scene
Where children laugh and splash away endless days down by the stream
And lovers stroll to the music of the rippling water’s theme

Chorus #1
Oh the rippling waters theme… And the way it makes you dream…
Oh the rippling waters theme… And the way it makes you dream…

The rugged hills of Landenberg of my mother’s childhood days
Must be the inspiration for her persevering ways
Yes, they must be the source of wholesome values that she shows
In the love she has to offer and how generously it flows

Chorus #2
Oh how generously it flows! Oh how generously it flows!
And how genuinely it shows the rugged hills of Landenberg!

Oh rugged hills, we know your raiment will soon turn to autumn’s hues
And we know the price of progress cause we’ve seen what we can lose
Still I hope we have the vision! Still I hope we have the will!
To be Guardians of these wildlands that still flourish in these hills!

Chorus #3
Oh they flourish in these hills!
How they flourish in these hills!
Oh, the wild and rugged hills!
The rugged hills of Landenberg!

The rugged hills of Landenberg become majestic robed in white!
When the snowflakes come a’tumblin’ from the heavens hazy height…
May it stun you into wonder of a rare and pure delight!
May these rugged hills inspire you to keep your spirit burning bright!

Chorus #4
Keep your spirit burning bright!
Let it ride the misty light!
Through the rugged hills tonight!
The rugged hills of Landenberg!

Copyright 1990 Vic Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

Vic Sadot is a singer-songwriter based in Berkeley, CA who grew up in Newark, DE. He delivers a selection of mostly original songs in his solo repertoire. The topics range from the kind of subjects you would expect from one who claims and celebrates the folk tradition of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Phil Ochs as his heritage. Crazy Planet Band has been around since 1979 and serves as Vic's showcase for his original folk rock and blues songs while Planete Folle features Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans R&B covers, many in Louisiana French. Vic gives away rough mixes of songs at SoundCloud.

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To this charming, cherished place."  - Poetry of Jean-Henri Sadot

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