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Friday, July 7, 2017

July 4 2017 Fireworks Over San Francisco Bay

July 4 2017 Fireworks Over San Francisco Bay (4:49) Published July 7, 2017 at Vic Sadot YouTube Channel Sadot YouTube Channel

This short video was made from a live commentary telephone video on July 4, 2017 from up in the hills of Claremont Canyon by Vic Sadot. A plane ticket had been purchased the day before for a July 17 night flight out of California at 10 pm to arrive in Philadelphia International Airport on July 18 at 9:30 am. So that's mentioned in the commentary as well as the upcoming gig being arranged by Rob Sadot at the Blue Grab Grill in Newark, DE on Sunday, July 23, 2017 from 2 - 4 pm with Chesapeake Bayou Brothers and some cameos by musicians who were in Crazy Planet and Planete Folle Bands in the past. Let the good times roll in Good Time Delaware! The Blue Crab Grill is located at 322 Suburban Dr, Newark, DE 19711. Reservations Recommended: 302 737-1100.

Vic recently made a 60 second Delaware Coastal Zone Act Preservation Promo Video that recycled the 1985 45 rpm song titled “Good Time Delaware” verse about that very matter. You can hear the 60 second video here at the Vic Sadot YouTube Channel


 Blue Crab Grill Info & Menu

Vic will gig with his brother Rob Sadot, who is organizing the show with the Chesapeake Bayou Brothers, and some past members of Crazy Planet & Planete Folle Bands. The repertoire will be a mix of Cajun/Zydeco and original rock. The event will be a Homecoming Reunion Gig for Vic Sadot who has been away from Delaware for over 7 years. (There’s a rumor that some Sadot family birthdays are happening too). Allons y pour la bonne cuisine et l'ambiance aimable de Blue Crab Grill!
Vic recently released his 4th CD at CD Baby titled “Truth Troubadour”. The instrumental theme song was written by the late Joe Sadot, and it's on the latest "Truth Troubadour" CD that features Eric Golub's superb accompaniment on almost every song on stringed instruments like viola, violin, and ukulele. Listen now! 

 Truth Troubadour CD by Vic Sadot at CD Baby Store