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Monday, May 16, 2011

5th Annual Celebration of Conscientious Objectors & War Resisters with City of Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission & Courage To Resist, a GI resister support organization where this photo is from Jeff Paterson and Bob Meola were the speakers. Max Ventura and Vic Sadot were the singers. May 15 2011


  1. sorry, the point of this post was just to show a photo. Tech problem. We stood together for truth, peace, & justice again! vic

  2. things goin on that i don't understand... jus hope can find our war to justice somehow... Looks like Truth is marching on despite cold-cock hits to the head. We B Some Beautiful Beings Anyway! We B some rising up people somehow! Vic in east San Fran Bay feelin way OK! People care here.

  3. Best Thing I Did Since in SF Bay Berkeley area is to show moral support to peeps in similar situation to myself... Newly arrived from elsewhere's on Crazy Planet Ville! Now In CA! Woody Guthrie song slap us in the face now & forever! This Land Be Your Land! Many Great Men & Women in BERKELEY ready to stand for TRUTH & JUSTICE! Just show us! Broadside Balladeer Vic