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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Nuclear Heartland USA - John LaForge of Nukewatch in Berkeley CA

John LaForge of presented an engaging power-point lecture about publishing the revised edition of “Nuclear Heartland”. It was updated from the original 1988 edition to let people know where the land-based missile silos are located in the United States. John spoke in Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA when the BFUU Social Justice Committee invited him to do his powerpoint presentation.

The enhanced visual video took months of work. It was first published in March 2017 at SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE HEART OF BERKELEY YouTube Channel
. Since it was made to be a free Creative Commons Copyright for non-profit use with accreditation and no-edits, it has been posted at a number of other sites. Note: The video is available for you to use at your local Public Access Cable TV from PEGMedia: 

John LaForge predicted to a very skeptical crowd in Berkeley in his October 13, 2016 presentation that the UN General Assembly was going to take strong action against the new Nuclear Arms race and the proliferation of countries creating
such horrific weapons arsenals. The UN General Assembly did in fact vote the next week and again in July 2017 to take historic stands on this existential threat to all humankind.

The UN General Assembly voted on Oct 27, 2016 to make 2017 the year for the world focus on pressing forward with the obligatory disarmament negotiations required of signatories to the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and to stop the proliferation of such horrific weapons by other non-signatory nations. Under President Obama the US voted NO to even having conferences about nuclear disarmament and Obama approved massive new expenditures before leaving office. Under President Trump the US boycotted the UN General Assembly nuclear disarmament talks in March and July 2017.

On July 7, 2017 the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in a rare act of defiance of the Security Council to make nuclear weapons illegal, and that the
Nuclear Non-Proliferation obligations of signatories to dismantle nuclear weapons be negotiated by all parties
Yet President Trump spoke to the General Assembly and threatened "total destruction" and "fire and fury" to the population of North Korea!!! Meanwhile our controlled media has fed the public a frenzy of superficial
insults and anger about scripted Trump tweets and diversionary, divisive claims by fake “liberals” about "RussiaGate. The 2 wngs of the War Party and the Mockingbird Media have been rather successful at controlling the national dialogue. There was little coverage of this historic
UN votes, and people soon forgot the populist issues that brought Senator Sanders and Donald Trump to the fore of the 2016 election primaries: end the 9/11 wars, stop intervening in the Middle East, enact a Universal Health Care bill and end student debt slavery for going to college. Who can talk about anything that matters in this political

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