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Friday, July 27, 2018

Summertime Sunset - A Poem by Jean Henri Sadot

This Summertime Sunset poetry video is a 4 minute 20 second segment extracted from the 26 minute 37 second video that was created from a 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show audio track in July 2018 by Vic Sadot.

The full video segment has 8 Jean-Henri Sadot poems presented as poems or songs on the audio track from the July 28, 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show hosted by Steven Leech on WVUD 91.3 FM, "The Voice of the University of Delaware", in Newark, DE.

Summertime Sunset was written by Jean-Henri Sadot in 1966. The 8 poem video made from the July 28, 2003 Dream Streets Radio Show has: (1) Iron Hill; (2) Early Roses of 1940; (3) White Clay Creek; (4) The Statue of Liberty; (5) Summertime Sunset; (6) Blizzard; (7) A Little Girl’s Bedtime; and (8) The Moods of the Sea. Vic Sadot, son of the poet, is reading Jean-Henri Sadot poems, or sharing renderings of them into song as he relates the history behind the poems of Jean-Henri Sadot. Steven Leech aka “Even Steven” was one of the founders of a poetry publication that gave a platform for hundreds of writers to be heard and the Dream Streets editorial teams managed to produce regular releases of Dream Streets for decades.

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